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The Pocket Monsters Special Community
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7th-Sep-2011 07:06 pm(no subject)
Title – Phosphenes 
Author – ibuberu
Characters – Ruby, the Dex Holders 
Genres – General, Friendship, Humor 
Rating – PG
Summary – Ruby, sometimes you need to be a man. This is not one of those times.

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30th-Jun-2011 11:21 am - PokeSupe Black and White!

A little quiet around here...Nonetheless, I do like what I've read of PokeSupe's Black and White manga, though White and Black are pretty different from fan perception.

|124 Icons

{13-AIR (VN, TV, Movie)
{20-Pokemon Black and White

{36-Pokemon Special
{19-The World Ends With You
{11-The iDOLM@STER
{13-Megaman Zero


22nd-Jun-2011 01:36 pm - I feel like I'm spamming you guys ORZ
rusa again
Title: Belated Heart Beats
Fandom: Pokemon Special
Characters: Ruby, Sapphire; Ruby/Sapphire
Genre: Stuff that dampens your hearts
Rating: PG
Warning: Mild cursing.
Summary:  The Question never comes again.
Author’s Note: Written spur of the moment while listening to "Maybe" by Ingrid Michealson. Precursor to something much larger

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13th-Jun-2011 07:11 pm(no subject)

Ya'll should join! Just click on the pic! :D
26th-May-2011 08:14 pm - Pokemon special HG/SS ?
I don't know if here is a good place to ask, though, but I hope someone will answer me
You all know A/non have scanned 2 chap HG/SS, and what I want to ask is if someone can translate the final chapter to English, i would be grateful, you don't need use Photoshop or something like that, just type the line, it good to me ^^
I don't know it's Japanese or Chinese, the only thing I know is I can't read this language, and it so painful =_=, I love the Johto's trio so muchhh~~
Let's download and help meee, please~~~
Hope I will get the answer soon ~~~ Arigatou minna-san for reading this ~~~
P.s: Sorry, I'm not good at speaking English =_=
20th-Mar-2011 04:43 pm - Pokemon Ficlet Marathon for Charity!
Ash and Infernape
In an effort to support Japan and Haiti, I'm going to be attempting a drabble/ficlet marathon. I started a project called The Living Pokedex, which the first ficlet of can be found here. The goal is to write one fic inspired by each Pokemon in some way, be them an anime character, manga, games, or inspired by their Pokedex entries or whatever.

So, for every dollar donated via the fundraiser page at Global Giving, I will write one of these ficlets ASAP after the donation is received until I have written one for every Pokemon. Together, we can help the relief efforts around the world!

Thank you!
28th-Feb-2011 07:02 pm(no subject)
I'd tap that.
Title: Growing Up
Characters: Ruby/Sapphire
Rating: T
Summary: They end up married, with two kids.
Notes: My OC names were never creative.

( "In five minutes," said Sapphire, "I will either punch you in the face or kiss you to shut you up." )
21st-Feb-2011 07:44 pm(no subject)
A/N: My heart goes out to lark for proofreading/beta'ing this. xposted everywhere sorry
Title: Baby Trinity I
Characters/Pairing: Blue/Green, others
Rating: T
Summary: AU. Crossover with Batman. Green has a problem. Its name is "Catwoman". 


He certainly doesn't need another lunatic running around and commiting crimes. )
21st-Feb-2011 01:15 pm - Moodtheme - Finished
I didn't expect to get it done this quickly, but at least I finished it before I graduate this May. I used images from all of the story arcs, except for Platnium, HeartGold/SoulSilver, and Black/White.

Preview: Here

Download: Here

Please give me credit if you're going to use it. :D
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