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Pokemon special HG/SS ? 
26th-May-2011 08:14 pm
I don't know if here is a good place to ask, though, but I hope someone will answer me
You all know A/non have scanned 2 chap HG/SS, and what I want to ask is if someone can translate the final chapter to English, i would be grateful, you don't need use Photoshop or something like that, just type the line, it good to me ^^
I don't know it's Japanese or Chinese, the only thing I know is I can't read this language, and it so painful =_=, I love the Johto's trio so muchhh~~
Let's download and help meee, please~~~
Hope I will get the answer soon ~~~ Arigatou minna-san for reading this ~~~
P.s: Sorry, I'm not good at speaking English =_=
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